Monday, September 5, 2011

Back in Buenos Aires


So guess what. I am no longer in the south.......... I am in Buenos Aires! I am in a place called Zarate. I am with Elder Heath and Elder Harris. For now. We are supposed to get a newbie tomorrow. So we three are zone leaders/trainers. It is an experiment I am told. I didn't even know where I was going and who my companion was going to be. I left yesterday at 5:30 and got to Ushuaia about 10:30. Just then Elder Brown told me that I was going to be in Zarate. So yea. That was fun. So after a 4 hour flight and an hour drive I am in a short sleeve shirt with my hands sweaty. The coolest thing? We have bikes. YEA!

Anyways... That's the update. The week went well. We did divisions with the members a bit so that we could get more work done. I like being on divisions with the members and you can tell the members enjoy doing the work too.

Well, that's about it. Just tired after traveling so much. How does it (traveling) do it to you? I am so excited that the Solarios got sealed! That's so tight. Thanks for keeping me updated on everything. Even though I don't comment on everything I appreciate every bit.

I will be sending pictures next week. Love you all and talk to you soon!

Elder Michael Watson

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