Friday, September 23, 2011

September 19th Already?

Dear Family,

It's already Monday the 19th? Freak... How does time go by so fast? This week was pretty busy.

Tuesday and Thursday we had training meetings. We had to take an hour and a half bus to downtown and then take a train up to San Fernando. All around it's about 4 hours round trip each day. But we learned a ton!  It kinda sucks now that I have to go to the meetings... I can't go to a computer nearby and just watch from Skype. But now I can participate more and understand a lot more of what is going on. (Doing meetings by Skype can be tricky.... especially when you can't see the chalkboard or hear what's going on.)

Wednesday was District meeting and then back to Zarate 1 to go find some people to BAPTIZE. Thursday after the training meeting I went with one of our District Leaders to his area that is about 3 hours away in bus. So after that ride we got to the area about 8:30 so we had time enough to go by one house. Friday we had weekly planning and then I went out with them to work. Let's just say it wasn't the best of days. I was actually kinda stumped and didn't know what to do but to just say keep going and everything will be all right. Talking with President this morning helped to realize more of the purpose of divisions and I learned a lot. Hearing, you forget, Writing it down, you remember, Doing, you learn. I could have done better in the showing and doing part. I kinda sit in the back and observe and kinda comment and talk with the Elders.... What I need to do is talk with them and then show what they can do. I'm a leader for a reason. So that was a help to realize one of the purposes of divisions.  I really didn't know what to do on divisions but now I've got a better view on it.

Saturday morning we came back and rocked the day. We passed by a bunch of investigators trying to find a baptism for this weekend and inviting everyone to Church. Sunday came around and we had 4 investigators in Church and had some good meetings. Elder Heath and Elder Quintana had to give talks so that was fun. Lol.  Today we just got done playing soccer.... (HURRAY FOR THE NORTH! :D) and now have the rest of the day to do the stuff we need to. :D

That's tight that Dad went surfing! I saw the picture and said "What in the world is he doing on a surfboard? He's gonna get a bleed!" (Who do I sound like? jaja) So I guess you're doing well health wise.

I am doing well. We are working super hard.... Slowly we are learning how to plan between the four. We might have to split the area and assign two and two (President's idea) but we'll see. It's nice that we can be all over and have two appointments at a time. Now imagine that the 4 of us knowing the area and getting four members to do divisions. SWEET! That would be super tight.  Anyways, hope everything is well. Love you all and be good!


Elder Michael Watson

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