Monday, September 12, 2011

Working in a Foursome!

Hello Family,

Well, I don't have much time but here's an update.

Working in a foursome is quite the chore. We are always rotating who goes with who and where we go. We aren't two companionships but we are one of four. It's different but it's pretty awesome. I am with Elder Heath, Elder Harris, and Elder Quintana (From Chihuahua Mexico... He speaks PERFECT English ---- even street talk ---- everything. It's like I am back home when I talk to him.) Things are going really well. We've been struggling with planning because we have to do twice as much in the same time but it's getting better. Sunday at church was the best. We could all split up and talk to everybody we needed to right after Sacrament meeting ended and split up two here and two there to go do stuff. It's tight! Being in four rocks!

We played soccer today so that's the reason I don't have much time. The Cybers (we were do our emailing) were all filled up so we wasted a bit of time looking for one with computers open. But it's all cool. Anyways, I love it here in Zarate and we are going to work very well here. Everything's all good. :D Say hi to everybody and I love you.

Elder Michael C. Watson
MisiĆ³n Argentina Buenos Aires Norte

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