Monday, April 26, 2010

Missionary Work is GREAT!

Queridos Padres,

That conference sounded like it was a blast!!! I hope that I get it in the Dear Elder’s tomorrow! Wow! I glanced over your notes and I learned some. It’s hard to read long letters fast, so I am glad you are dear eldering me all your emails so I can have a copy of them in my apartment. I wish I had more time because 24 hours is not enough!

When we really learn true principles, our behavior will change. That is some great advice. We need to know things in our hearts as well as in our minds and be determined to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

That’s great that you are trying to change things up in Mutual. Doing different things each week can really help build excitement and desire to go to Mutual instead of knowing exactly what we would do each week. That’s what I liked about Mutual right before I left for school.

That’s great that this year’s students are better! I hope you are enjoying teaching history!

This week was semi-difficult. We have run out of a lot of people to teach, so we are searching for new investigators. A lot of contacting. But it’s great! I am learning how to have a positive attitude and outlook on life.

I ran out of time today. Again. I hope all is well at home! Keep reading the scriptures! Helps a ton! :D

Love you tons!

Elder Watson

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Transfer Week - I Am Still With Elder Garay in Villa Adelina!

Queridos Padres!

Esta semana fue muy bien! Tenemos dos bautismos! Tuve la opotunidad para hacer mi primero bautismo! I was kinda nervous and stuttered a little, but it all went well on the first try, so I am happy! :D  The past couple days as we have been teaching I have been trying to go with the Spirit on which scriptures to share. Yesterday I was prompted to share a scripture which I thought would be disastrous and it turned out to be great because it went with something she had said and the Spirit was able to help make it a great lesson. Sister Conaway --- Scripture Mastery scriptures right now are my diet of scriptures to share. Thank you SOOOOO much! :D

I forgot to tell you last week our P-day got changed. Sorry if it made anything inconvenient... Transfer week P-days are on Tuesdays, so you should expect every 6 weeks for a Tuesday P-day.  I am still with Elder Garay.  How was going out with the missionaries? Or is that this week? [I asked him if he heard how his box was received] I will let you know in two weeks. Our zone conference is scheduled for Tuesday and we have P-day on Monday. Hopefully it will all come out well! Can you give me a list again of what was inside? I can go back and look, but if you know off the top of your head that would be great.

Mother’s Day… I need to find a member or the chapel phone and I will give the number to you and you will call me. It’s a bit away but as soon as I get the place, time and numbers I will give them to you. That should be next transfer I think... What is the date of Mother’s day?

That’s awesome to hear about Josh! I hope all goes well and that he can finish his papers soon! I’ll get to see who I get letters from next week! :D

I can’t wait for pictures! :D  The other elders have mini scrap books of pictures from home and on the mission and always tell stories. Pictures are awesome! :D

That’s too bad to hear that BYU Baseball lost... I can remember hearing them practice outside my dorm window when I was at school... Good times!

So it rained for like 30 minutes on Sunday.... With balls of hail the size of my fist! Pretty crazy. We were inside a house so no worries. It was pretty crazy though.

That is so awesome Elder Bednar is going to come to our area! [Ventura, not Buenos Aires] He is so awesome! Take some good notes! ;)

Anyways, time is running out. I hope all is well and that you are fine.. I love you and don’t stop studying the scriptures! They have the answers to our lives, especially the Book of Mormon! The Book of Mormon is truly the inspired words of God to the people here in the Americas!

Con MUCHO Amor,

Elder Michael Watson

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mosquitoes Are Eating Me Up!

Dear Mom and Dad,

Yes, the mosquitoes are eating me up... Less so than at the beginning of the transfer but I still have a lot of bites. I am using it [mosquito repellent] at night... Maybe I should use it when I go out too... oops... I still have two more bottles of repellent and I can buy it here too, so that won’t be a problem. At least here in Villa Adelina.

I bought a new watch for 16 p├Ęsos. Let’s see how long it lasts... ;) I’m not going to let something like that to get me up in arms... It takes much more than that. I am definitely learning patience and how to grow up. These lasts 6 weeks have been a real eye-opener and I am doing much better now than at the beginning of the transfer.

So this is the last week of the transfer. My companion thinks I will leave because he was just made District Leader and a Trainer. We’ll see. I’ve learned to not guess what the Lord’s will is and to go with what he commands us to do right now.

Thank you for all the advice. It has helped confirm what I was thinking and gave me a new light of looking at things, of which I really needed. Thanks! :D

We didn’t have to rebaptize the family and yesterday one of our recent converts of a month baptized their daughter! It was awesome! This convert reminds me of you, Dad. He’s always looking up things in the scriptures and online to find answers to his questions. He is awesome!

I remember the name Elder Ray. That is awesome! And we are back to 4 missionaries? When I get back I want to go out with them. Going out with missionaries is way cool... I wish I did it more before my mission.

I haven’t really gotten home sick... I did in church yesterday when the hallways were crowded and reminded me of our chapel, but it didn’t last too long. It’s really different being away from home. Good, but different.

Well, that’s about it. I am loving the work and working hard to invite others to come unto Christ. I hope all is well at home!

Con Mucho Amor!

Elder Michael Watson

Monday, April 5, 2010

No Boxes PLEASE - Only Flat Rate USPS Envelopes... PLEASE!


The other three missionaries missed home a bunch yesterday. I did a little bit, but I am glad to be doing the Lord´s work. It is truly a blessing to be out here. And perhaps I haven´t been out as long... ;)

I don´t know about the box situation so waiting a little bit until I know what I can get might be a good idea. Peanut Butter... I don´t know. The missionaries in my apartment haven´t got any and I haven´t asked any in my zone... I will have to ask around. [We have learned that it is safer to send items in a USPS flat rate envelope, Mike's box we sent him is stuck at the airport with no way for him to get there to get it. The Assistants may be able to make a trip there but he is not sure].

As for conference, we watched it live in the Stake Center. I watched the first two in Spanish, missed priesthood because it started at nine, and had the blessing to watch the last two in English. We fit 5 elders into a 4 ft wide 10 feet long room to watch it in English on a small TV. It was so worth it! I got the general idea in Spanish, but missed a lot of good stuff. Gratefully, the Spirit was able to help me get some key points I needed. Watching the last two sessions was absolutely amazing. I cannot wait for the Liahona with the conferences to come so I can read them again and get the stuff I missed. Watching conference as a missionary is so COOL! I could find an application with every talk and I was so excited to watch and listen to our leaders. It was awesome! :D

So this week we were able to have a couple of good lessons. We are teaching the wife and daughter (sometimes separately, sometimes together) of a recent convert (less than a month) and the Spirit was so strong! We were able to help them recognize the Holy Ghost. They know its true, we just have to help them commit to being baptized. We are working towards a baptismal date and I am sure that they will be baptized soon. It is so awesome to see the Spirit work on other people! :D

Well, that was the highlight of my week apart from Conference. I love you and miss you!

Con MUCHO Amor,

Elder Watson