Monday, April 12, 2010

Mosquitoes Are Eating Me Up!

Dear Mom and Dad,

Yes, the mosquitoes are eating me up... Less so than at the beginning of the transfer but I still have a lot of bites. I am using it [mosquito repellent] at night... Maybe I should use it when I go out too... oops... I still have two more bottles of repellent and I can buy it here too, so that won’t be a problem. At least here in Villa Adelina.

I bought a new watch for 16 p├Ęsos. Let’s see how long it lasts... ;) I’m not going to let something like that to get me up in arms... It takes much more than that. I am definitely learning patience and how to grow up. These lasts 6 weeks have been a real eye-opener and I am doing much better now than at the beginning of the transfer.

So this is the last week of the transfer. My companion thinks I will leave because he was just made District Leader and a Trainer. We’ll see. I’ve learned to not guess what the Lord’s will is and to go with what he commands us to do right now.

Thank you for all the advice. It has helped confirm what I was thinking and gave me a new light of looking at things, of which I really needed. Thanks! :D

We didn’t have to rebaptize the family and yesterday one of our recent converts of a month baptized their daughter! It was awesome! This convert reminds me of you, Dad. He’s always looking up things in the scriptures and online to find answers to his questions. He is awesome!

I remember the name Elder Ray. That is awesome! And we are back to 4 missionaries? When I get back I want to go out with them. Going out with missionaries is way cool... I wish I did it more before my mission.

I haven’t really gotten home sick... I did in church yesterday when the hallways were crowded and reminded me of our chapel, but it didn’t last too long. It’s really different being away from home. Good, but different.

Well, that’s about it. I am loving the work and working hard to invite others to come unto Christ. I hope all is well at home!

Con Mucho Amor!

Elder Michael Watson

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