Monday, April 26, 2010

Missionary Work is GREAT!

Queridos Padres,

That conference sounded like it was a blast!!! I hope that I get it in the Dear Elder’s tomorrow! Wow! I glanced over your notes and I learned some. It’s hard to read long letters fast, so I am glad you are dear eldering me all your emails so I can have a copy of them in my apartment. I wish I had more time because 24 hours is not enough!

When we really learn true principles, our behavior will change. That is some great advice. We need to know things in our hearts as well as in our minds and be determined to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

That’s great that you are trying to change things up in Mutual. Doing different things each week can really help build excitement and desire to go to Mutual instead of knowing exactly what we would do each week. That’s what I liked about Mutual right before I left for school.

That’s great that this year’s students are better! I hope you are enjoying teaching history!

This week was semi-difficult. We have run out of a lot of people to teach, so we are searching for new investigators. A lot of contacting. But it’s great! I am learning how to have a positive attitude and outlook on life.

I ran out of time today. Again. I hope all is well at home! Keep reading the scriptures! Helps a ton! :D

Love you tons!

Elder Watson

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