Monday, May 3, 2010

He Received His Package!

Dear Parents,

So here´s the low down. I will be awaiting your call at 6:30 my time. I am pretty sure that is around 2:30 your time. Hopefully that will give enough time for Dad to get home from meetings and such.

Wow, you have a lot of courage sticking a kitten with Flash! ;) I hope all turns out well and that they can find homes!

Thank you so much for the package!!!!!!! I received one package that had my ties and my deodorant, toothpaste and POP-TARTS!!!! :D Super excited. :D I also received a LOT of letters, so it will take some time to answer everybody. I am already a bit behind, so I will probably have to keep them really short. Thanks to everybody who wrote me and I will try to get back to them asap!

This week we had Zone Conference, which was absolutely amazing! I felt like it was just for me! It was really great. Now I need to take everything I learned and apply it to myself and change and become a better person and missionary. There´s always something for us to change and do better. We just need to follow through with our decisions (I forgot how to spell that.. and no, not t-h-a-t... ;) ) and work for our salvation. We cannot sit back and wait for the Lord to answer our prayers. We need to work for our blessings. Like it says in D&C 131:20-21, all of our blessings are according to our obedience. I really need to work to change and not just ask to be changed.

This week was good. We found a couple new people and a former investigator. As long as we do our part, we can find the Lord´s chosen and help them to come unto Christ. The mission is difficult, but I can already see the blessings from it in my life.

Well, that´s all I can think for this week. I hope all is well at home and that everybody is doing well.


Elder Watson

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