Monday, April 5, 2010

No Boxes PLEASE - Only Flat Rate USPS Envelopes... PLEASE!


The other three missionaries missed home a bunch yesterday. I did a little bit, but I am glad to be doing the Lord´s work. It is truly a blessing to be out here. And perhaps I haven´t been out as long... ;)

I don´t know about the box situation so waiting a little bit until I know what I can get might be a good idea. Peanut Butter... I don´t know. The missionaries in my apartment haven´t got any and I haven´t asked any in my zone... I will have to ask around. [We have learned that it is safer to send items in a USPS flat rate envelope, Mike's box we sent him is stuck at the airport with no way for him to get there to get it. The Assistants may be able to make a trip there but he is not sure].

As for conference, we watched it live in the Stake Center. I watched the first two in Spanish, missed priesthood because it started at nine, and had the blessing to watch the last two in English. We fit 5 elders into a 4 ft wide 10 feet long room to watch it in English on a small TV. It was so worth it! I got the general idea in Spanish, but missed a lot of good stuff. Gratefully, the Spirit was able to help me get some key points I needed. Watching the last two sessions was absolutely amazing. I cannot wait for the Liahona with the conferences to come so I can read them again and get the stuff I missed. Watching conference as a missionary is so COOL! I could find an application with every talk and I was so excited to watch and listen to our leaders. It was awesome! :D

So this week we were able to have a couple of good lessons. We are teaching the wife and daughter (sometimes separately, sometimes together) of a recent convert (less than a month) and the Spirit was so strong! We were able to help them recognize the Holy Ghost. They know its true, we just have to help them commit to being baptized. We are working towards a baptismal date and I am sure that they will be baptized soon. It is so awesome to see the Spirit work on other people! :D

Well, that was the highlight of my week apart from Conference. I love you and miss you!

Con MUCHO Amor,

Elder Watson

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