Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Transfer Week - I Am Still With Elder Garay in Villa Adelina!

Queridos Padres!

Esta semana fue muy bien! Tenemos dos bautismos! Tuve la opotunidad para hacer mi primero bautismo! I was kinda nervous and stuttered a little, but it all went well on the first try, so I am happy! :D  The past couple days as we have been teaching I have been trying to go with the Spirit on which scriptures to share. Yesterday I was prompted to share a scripture which I thought would be disastrous and it turned out to be great because it went with something she had said and the Spirit was able to help make it a great lesson. Sister Conaway --- Scripture Mastery scriptures right now are my diet of scriptures to share. Thank you SOOOOO much! :D

I forgot to tell you last week our P-day got changed. Sorry if it made anything inconvenient... Transfer week P-days are on Tuesdays, so you should expect every 6 weeks for a Tuesday P-day.  I am still with Elder Garay.  How was going out with the missionaries? Or is that this week? [I asked him if he heard how his box was received] I will let you know in two weeks. Our zone conference is scheduled for Tuesday and we have P-day on Monday. Hopefully it will all come out well! Can you give me a list again of what was inside? I can go back and look, but if you know off the top of your head that would be great.

Mother’s Day… I need to find a member or the chapel phone and I will give the number to you and you will call me. It’s a bit away but as soon as I get the place, time and numbers I will give them to you. That should be next transfer I think... What is the date of Mother’s day?

That’s awesome to hear about Josh! I hope all goes well and that he can finish his papers soon! I’ll get to see who I get letters from next week! :D

I can’t wait for pictures! :D  The other elders have mini scrap books of pictures from home and on the mission and always tell stories. Pictures are awesome! :D

That’s too bad to hear that BYU Baseball lost... I can remember hearing them practice outside my dorm window when I was at school... Good times!

So it rained for like 30 minutes on Sunday.... With balls of hail the size of my fist! Pretty crazy. We were inside a house so no worries. It was pretty crazy though.

That is so awesome Elder Bednar is going to come to our area! [Ventura, not Buenos Aires] He is so awesome! Take some good notes! ;)

Anyways, time is running out. I hope all is well and that you are fine.. I love you and don’t stop studying the scriptures! They have the answers to our lives, especially the Book of Mormon! The Book of Mormon is truly the inspired words of God to the people here in the Americas!

Con MUCHO Amor,

Elder Michael Watson

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