Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Getting COLD!


Wow! A ton is happening at home and Paraguay. I am gonna have to make this email interesting to keep up with you! ;)

First off.... Thanks for all the packages and letters! I haven't forgotten you all... I am just a bit slow in responding... Sorry!

Papa moved? :( I was going to ask why he is moving to Utah in the Winter but its getting to be summer there. Re-confundido. Oops.

So I am back with a Latin comp. Which means.... my Spanish is getting better! (or so I hope.) At least Elder Berrios is willing to correct me on it. And for pay back I get to correct his English. Ha! Na... Can't do that because his English is good. Fail. Elder Berrios is a worker and wants to stay obedient so we get along just fine. I try making jokes with him in English but he doesn´t get it all the time. Oh well.

So we didn't find too many people this week but we have just been working with the ones we already have and trying to get references from EVERYBODY! If the missionaries ask for references and a name comes to your head, please tell them the name and introduce them to your friend. Please. The missionaries are allowing you to have a chance to receive revelation of who is prepared to receive the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Anyways, we are working with a guy work works on a fishing boat that goes down to the South Pole. Like "Deadliest Catch" but in the south. He was telling us you know it is cold when you are wearing three pairs of work gloves and your hands still freeze... (Freeze, they aren't stiff) It's just a wee bit cold. Anyways, he's amazing and has a lot of faith and has been looking for the truth. We had an amazing lesson with him yesterday and really felt the Spirit as he accepted to be baptized the 9th of April. As well we are working with a father of some kids who were baptized and he accepted the be baptized the 9th. (His work schedule is crazy!)

We were walking on the sidewalk yesterday and a van was parked diagonally making the path cut close to the fence of a house. Instead of going around the car into the street, I walked by the house. The result? A ginormous St. Bernard tries to take my head off. Luckily I've got quick reflexes ( ;) ) and the dog bit my jacket. After I looked stupid running like a little girl for a couple of yards to get away, I checked my jacket and there weren't any marks. That and other things have helped me to know that angels do watch out for the missionaries. So watch out evildoers!

So yea. That's about it. It's getting cold. COLD! Yea. The wind is crazy too. Crazy cold and strong. But hey, it's the South. It doesn't get any better than this. Love you all! Be good, stay safe!


Elder Watson

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