Monday, March 21, 2011

I have a new companion and I WILL be speaking better Spanish :D

Elder Berrios & Elder Watson
Hi All,

Wow. What a crazy day. Transfers are always stressful... Even if you don't go anywhere!

So Elder Beck went back up North to Buenos Aires... Much to his chagrin... We stayed up all night to go pick up an Elder from the Airport and then went back later to drop off our companions... It was an amazing night with little sleep, but Oreo pudding helps a bit! Haha. Elder Beck loves the cold and now has to go back to the heat and that he had to leave the best CONVERT that we have had ---> MONICA!

Monica was baptized on Saturday. Unfortunately there were a couple of complications that started about an hour and a half before the service. Yes, there was hot water to start... but it was all dirty. You couldn't even see the bottom of the font. That was fun. So we had to drain it by bucket and by pump (that is super slow). Then we filled the font back up again but this time with cold water. Two reasons. #1 - The cold water fills up faster and #2 - Maybe it wouldn't be as dirty. So we got that filling up. Five minutes before the service was supposed to start there wasn’t enough water to do the baptism so we were trying to get our ward mission leader to delay the service a bit. After a bit of frustration we started a little bit late and by the time we got to the font it was all filled up, although, it was freezing cold water.  Elder Beck and Monica pulled through like the champs they are and the baptism went through. The next day the confirmation went without a hitch and Monica is now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Never have I had a more stressful day in my whole mission than Saturday... Wow! But everything is good now! :D

So my new companion is Elder Berrios from Chile. He has about 7 months in the mission and is really excited to work here in the South (Because the South is the BEST!!! Por supuesto!) and to find people to teach. He is really awesome and I think we are going to get along very well. Finally I have someone to help my Spanish... It's been suffering lately due to the fact that I have been talking in English with my companions for the past 4 months.  Now I will be cracking down on my bad grammar, accent and dialect. Yea baby! :D

Well... Not much else is going on. The start of a new transfer is the start of a new life - at least for me in Seis de Abril (April 6th). Hey... I wonder if anything special happens in my area on the 6th of April. Hm. I'll find out, won't I? Love you, mean it, let’s do lunch! Hope everyone is great y manden mis saludos a todos! (Say hi to all for me!)

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Michael C. Watson

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