Monday, January 31, 2011

Miracles Continue to Happen!

Hi All,

Wow. This week passed by really fast. Too fast, but we have some good things going so I am happy!

First of all, we have a couple that went to Bolivia to get married and they came back this week. The first thing they did, when we went by to visit, was show us their rings and told us now they can get baptized – without us saying anything. How awesome is that? The missionaries beforehand did a good job teaching and preparing them. They had their baptismal interview yesterday because we also had Stake Conference and it was just way easier to do it then. And now we have two baptisms this Saturday! :D :D :D :D

Stake Conference was really good. They talked a lot about families and young men serving missions! :D They are really asking for EVERYONE who can, to serve a mission. I whole heartedly stand by them. Everyone who can should, but… I didn’t get to listen to the whole session because we were trying to fix the water pump or find a way to get water into the building for the bathrooms and the baptismal font for a baptism. Nothin’ doin and they had to postpone the baptism. :/

A miracle that happened this week is that we received a call from our district leader passing a reference to us (usually we pass references at night because it is easier.) We happened to be close to the family so we went and contacted them. It happened to be that the missionaries talked to this lady earlier that day and she was really surprised that we came so fast. She told us that she was happy to see us (that alone is a miracle… We don’t get that too often). So we sat down, invited her brother and his wife to listen but they didn’t want to so we went ahead and started the lesson on the Restoration. Everything was going good and she is really interested but… Her brother left… This means there wasn’t a man in the house so we had to leave too. We wrapped up the lesson and left a Book of Mormon with her before we left. We are now trying to schedule an appointment with her because her 22 year old son that lives with her didn’t come home one day and we are hoping that all is well with that. We also don’t have a guy in the house to enter so that’s a big drawback too. BUT - She is AMAZING. She’s a widow and is like 65 and is interested! Anyone over the age of 50 usually just flat out rejects us. Like I said. MIRACLES! :D

Something that really touched me this week is Moroni 7:47-48. It talks about charity and how we can get it. We know that without charity (or the pure love of Christ) we are nothing (Moroni 7 and 1 Corinthians 13), but how do we obtain it? Through practice and asking the Father with ALL the energy of heart. That was something touched on in Stake Conference, that people who have trouble in their marriages often say they are not in love anymore. (The Stake President even said “fall in love” in English) Falling in love isn’t enough… It’s obtaining the pure love of Christ that will overcome all problems. Within a marriage, a friendship… anything. Charity really is the key to all relationships. I invite you to study Charity in the Bible, Book of Mormon, Ensigns and Liahonas… You’ll find out a ton and really find the needed help, especially for your personal life.

Bueno. That’s pretty much it. Love you all. Be good, stay safe and don’t get into too much trouble!

Con mucho Amor,

Elder Watson

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