Monday, January 10, 2011

Making Friends

Hi All,

This week has been so long but so fast. So much to do and people to see. Ah!

Soccer was fun on Monday and we had a good time. I got to see a couple good friends and got to meet a couple of good people. I met an Elder who is friends with a son of the Family Wajchman (in Villa Adelina) that is finishing up his mission in Mendoza (a province in Argentina). So that was pretty neat. Wow. I really miss a lot of people from my other areas. Many members ask if we will come back to visit after the mission and almost all say yes but almost none do. I really do want to come back to visit the people and friends I have made here. And I have only been here for a year. Imagine how many more friends and desires I will have this coming year. Soooooooooo excited.

Something that we have been learning is that as missionaries we need to become part of the lives of the people, members, investigators and non-members. As I have been meditating on how I can do that, my mind has led me to the Elders that have come to our house for 19 years. Some of the names that I remember are Elder A from Australia, Elder Apadaca, Elder Lang, and Elder McClesky. And then I have thought why I can remember their names. Elder A was just so loving and just unforgettable. Elder Apadaca was so passionate about the gospel and so kind. Elder Lang always was trying do things with us and was just way awesome. Elder McClesky just had a huge impact on me that made me want to get better and be the best I can be. This has led me to think of how I can make an impact on the people here in Argentina in a manner comparable as our Elders have made on me. While being me, I can help the people here get involved with the work and following the Lord Jesus Christ. I have realized that there is a difference between being a member of the church and BEING a member of the church. The mission has helped me to realize, as well as other things, that the purpose of our life is to make decisions. The biggest decision is to follow Jesus Christ or not. This decision will affect all the rest of the decisions in our lives. What music we listen to, who we talk to (how and what we talk about to them), the relation and feelings we have to other people. There’s just so much riding on this one decision. And not only will it affect us now, but affect us forever. We need to make the decision right now of who we want to follow: Jesus Christ or Satan. Not making a decision is making a decision to not follow Christ. Like it says in the Bible whoever is not with me is against me, we need to choose to follow Christ. This means that we must study the scriptures daily, pray daily, go to church so that we can come to know what the Lord expects of us. I know that as we choose to follow Christ, we will receive many blessings and I know that we can receive the fullness of the blessings God has in store for us by way of this church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the only church that has the authority to perform the saving ordinances and to act in the name of God. The way you can find out is by reading the Book of Mormon and asking God in the name of Christ if it is true. I testify to you that it is and you will receive your answer through the Holy Ghost. I encourage you to listen to the missionaries and their message (even if you are a member) because you will feel that their message is true and will have the desires to follow Christ.

Well, I gotta go. Love you all. Be good. Stay Safe. See ya!


Elder Michael Watson

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