Monday, January 17, 2011

Summer Rain

Dear Family,

Wow. So this week has been LLENÍSIMO of work and meetings. But it has been one of the best! :D  Our zone leaders (who we live with) told us that we did the best this week. We are really trying to work through and with the members but its hard.  We are receiving a lot of help and offers to help so that is great.  We are trying to find new investigators that will progress and we have some good things going on right now.

We had Zone Conference on Tuesday, can I just say amazing? We worked on a lot of stuff, including inspired questions and obtaining charity (or the pure love of Christ). Overall, it was all just amazingly awesomeness. I also got a couple of letters so that was good I guess. ;) (I got more on Friday because of a 3 day Leadership conference.... of which I didn’t go but it’s one of the many advantages of living with the Zone Leaders.)

We walked a ton this week teaching and trying to teach all of our investigators and find new investigators. It wouldn’t be as hard if everyone had varying schedules. It seems everyone is open at night and no one is at home during the day. Bummer… It’ll all work out though. We started teaching a family member of a recent convert and he has a baptismal date for the 13th of February, just after transfers. So I will be praying that there won’t be a transfer for us! :D

We got soaked going to church yesterday. I don't have an umbrella and it didn't look like it was going to rain. Our meetings start at two so we went to visit people at 11. Right before we went to take the bus, it started to rain. The bus drops us off like 10 blocks from the chapel. And it was pouring. It was fun! Hahaha.  The rain coat I have only works for a certain amount of time. Like an hour. After that it doesn't matter if you have had a coat on or not. I still have to ask if we can wear hats out to work. If we can, I want to get a hat like the missionaries in the twenties! :D

Well, that’s all I can really think about. We are just really tired today. We’ve done a lot this week and today will really be our day for rest and writing letters. I’ve been kind of bad about that recently. Soccer, sometimes, is just a lot more fun. I thank all who have/are writing me. It really helps me a lot and helps me apply things to the missionary work (believe it or not!).  I hope everyone is good and safe. I am having the time of my life in Argentina. I wouldn’t give it up for anything… Being on the Lord’s errand just brings DEMASIADO happiness! :D (Or as Argentines say "Too Much") Haha. I am loving it here.


Elder Mike Watson

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