Monday, February 28, 2011

Out With The Old...


Time does not have meaning anymore.... It just comes and goes without me noticing. This week was good. Monica is changing a ton and might be baptized on Saturday! :D We also have another baptism of a nine year old child of a less active family on Saturday – so this week will be fun working with them to get there! :D This Saturday is going to be a White Saturday because almost every area in our district/zone (for Rio Gallegos it's the same) are baptizing someone. So it should be an awesome experience.

Other than that we are in the stage I think David was in a little while back. Looking. We really don't have many people to teach and are searching for the people who have been prepared from the Lord. We have found a couple of people, and the mission has helped me to not jump ahead of myself but to keep on trucking. One sad thing is that an RM that helps us a ton is moving to Chile this week or next week... I really am going to miss that guy. He helps us out so much and is really awesome!

Well, not a lot to comment on this week. Just working hard to find people to teach and to do the work of the Lord. We are cleaning out our apartment though! Missionaries who leave tend to leave useless things or trash behind and it just gathers and gathers until the Elders who live there want to do something about it... In this case Elder Beck and I. So that’ll be fun! Haha. But yea. There were four of us living in this apartment but now the other two elders have moved back to their own apartment and we actually have a lot of room.... It’s kinda weird. Anyways. That’s all I have for now. Love you lots and be good!

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder M. Watson

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