Monday, February 21, 2011

Rio Gallegos-Crazy Week

Wow! What a crazy week! First off I will start off with that we had baptisms! A couple of kids wanted their grandfather to baptize them (their mother is member and father is not). We were really excited when their grandmother told us this and we went over to their house to the next day to meet Christian and Gustavo. They are 8 and 10 years old which is great but we needed to find authorization to baptize the 8 year old (as that he would be a baptism of the branch). They moved from another district within our mission (further south from us) and were staying here until they moved up to Buenos Aires to a different mission. So we called the branch president and found out that he had already moved the mom´s records to Buenos Aires.. So we had to get in contact with their mission president. It ended up as a three way call from our zone leader to our mission president to their mission president. In the end all was settled and we got authorization to baptize Christian. So Sunday morning at 9 we had their baptism and at 10 they were confirmed. It was a crazy week but way good. We also tried to get the father to commit to baptism but he is rather stubborn and wants a bit more time. So yea. That was awesome.

Other than that we are continuing to teach Monica (I talked about her last week). We have made some leaps and jumps but there is still a bit to go with her. But we are excited at the progress she is making.

Well, that's about it for this week. I forgot to bring my camera to send pictures but I will bring it next week. :D Hope all is well that everyone is good. Love you all!

Elder Watson

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