Monday, June 14, 2010

Getting Ready For Our New Mission President


Sorry I haven’t emailed a long letter in a while... Things have been pretty hectic. Our new apartment is pretty far from everything (not like David and his 30 min walk to his area) But it’s getting there... Oh well. At least it is a nice apartment. As soon as I get a card reader, I want to send a whole bunch of pictures. As well as this, can you look through the album Michelle gave me and help me remember what I am supposed to take pictures of? I would be glad with any help I can get. ;)

Anyways, last week we had our last interview with President Argyle because Wednesday is his last transfer. He is a man of God, called by a prophet to help us in this work. We have truly been instructed and helped by him and I don’t want him to go... But I am excited for our new mission president as well. At our interviews we received our mail. I received the box of flat sheets and peanut butter and a lot of letters. :D Some of the other Elders were giving me a bad time because I got a lot from Michelle, but I like reading so it’s good. :D I also received one from Alexis, Cybil, and a couple from Joanna. I don’t want to leave anyone out but thank you so much for writing me!!! :D  I will be getting to those as soon as possible... I still have to respond to letters from the last transfer.... I think I am pretty bad at this whole writing letters thing... But I will probably be a pro by the end of my mission. ;)

So I was reading through the dear Elders I got and I read about the time you [mom and dad] went to the Argentina restaurant. Mom - the black sausage is an acquired taste, even for the people here. I bought an Argentina Jersey, #10, Messi... It was 10 dollars. :D

Congrats to Bryan! :D :D I am glad the week and everything went well, including the drive. :D If you could send me a ballot that would be great. :D I have no idea what’s going on in the US except for what I get in letters, but I would like to vote. :D

Elder Raymond - Yes!!!! His companion was Elder Healey. Elder Charles es un CAPO! He is so awesome. :D I really enjoyed my week with him!  And we also know the same person at BYU, Ethan Watts... Pretty crazy.

Also there is an Elder from Neuquen in my zone as District Leader. His name is Elder Diez and says he went on splits with Alex Cahan... If I understood right. Anyways, I thought that was pretty cool. :D

Anyways, I have to write my letter to the President and we have to get going... There’s never enough time on P-Day.... :( Oh well. Necesito aprovechar que tiempo que tengo!  Say Hi to everyone for me and that I love them.  Thank you for all you guys do for me and I will see you all really soon! (If time keeps flying by like this! :p)

CON MUCHO AMOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Michael C. Watson

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