Monday, October 3, 2011

Conferencia General!

Elders Watson, Harris, Heath, and Quintana
Dear Family,

What a week! Time flies by so fast now! It is UNFAIR!

We did divisions this week. We brought Elder Caon to our area Tuesday and Wednesday (One day with Elder Harris and one day with me.  Elder Heath went to Baradero). That was a good experience.

I lost my voice this week... It's still in the process of coming back. But Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were bad... like it hurt to talk. But now everything is good. :D This week we prepared a zone baptism---- 4 people! :D We had one baptism, Micaela, while the sisters in Zarate II baptized a Father and Daughter and the Elders in Lima (not Peru) baptized a little girl of a part-member family. That was an adventure and a half. Talk about complicated. We did not prepare very well but in the end, it all came out well.

Conference was AMAZING! I love conference sooooo much! I think it goes by so quickly because I am writing the whole time! Haha. I loved Elder Callister's talk as well as Elder Scott's. Basically they were all inspired and amazing!

Well, we played soccer today (is there a surprise? :D) but this time on an Astroturf field. We paid 20 pesos each to play on the field for an hour and a half or so. That was nice. :D

Micaela's parents are getting baptized this weekend so that is awesome. We are really doing some great work, enough to keep the four of us VERY busy. :D I am loving every minute of it.

BTW - Mom, if you can get a weight class in, that would be WONDERFUL! My legs are getting much more pumped, but overall I am out of shape. I am definitely going to have to go running and play lots of sports when I get home. It's just not fair when there are so many good sweet things! Alafajors.....Lots of stuff. :D

Anyways say hi to everyone for me. Mom, can you say hi to the Vera Family for me?


Elder Watson

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