Monday, October 10, 2011

Another Week - a ton of stuff!!

Divisions with Baradero
Dear Family,

Well, this week was pretty amazing! I'll let you in on it as I go. :D

Tuesday was District Meeting and Divisions! I went to a city nearby called Campana. We were able to teach a lot and I was able to do a baptismal interview for one of their investigators. The work is about to burst here! The zone Z├írate is just so ready! I had a good time with Elder Curbela. I even got to show my cooking skills. :D

Wednesday I went back with McDonalds for Lunch with Elder Harris. We went to work and had a good day. Thursday was a lovely planning session! (It's really hard to stay focused for 4 hours straight with 3 other elders with one of them not wanting to do it at all....... Ugh.) But we split the weekly planning session up into two groups and we were quite productive. Then I left with Elder Heath and went out to work. Friday was a great day. I went with Elder Quintana and taught a lot and got a lot done. Oh... by the way - It rained from Thursday to Saturday. And when it rains here, it pours. And that makes riding bikes fun - especially when you're going through the mud. Friday, we shot over to find an investigator who lives on the OTHER side of town --- with lots of mud in between. Apart from sliding in the mud on bikes, one happens to lose control and eats it. Yea... I fell. But I didn't get too dirty. It was funny - afterwards. You can ask Elder Quintana.

Saturday we had a baptism! Micaela's mom got baptized. Afterwards, we visited with an investigator that can get baptized at ANY moment. We just need to help him gain his testimony again. Then we went to Campana again for another baptismal interview and we helped them with the baptism due to the fact that not many people showed up. We got back and visited with another couple that we are working with (the boyfriend has been inactive for 6 years). They went to general conference and we watched the restoration with them and we got down on our knees and prayed. She received her answer! How cool! We left committing them both to go to church and they said they would.

Sunday was an interesting day. Elder Harris woke up with a big fever and body aches and so I volunteered to stay home with him. Just to say right now - what torture for a missionary to be inside ALL DAY LONG. I about died. I studied in the morning, watched a talk by Elder Holland on our DVD player we got from the mission and Legacy. I also cleaned and organized and paced a bit. I read a couple letters and listened to a tape I received. But being stuck inside all day long is not a good thing. AT ALL. I think if I ever stay inside a house all day long again I will go crazy! Haha. But now he's better and so we are all good.  But we also had Micaela´s dad baptized and Micaela and Claudia (her mom) got confirmed. It was a good day even though there were only two going out and about.

We played soccer again! :D Tomorrow Elder Heath and Harris have to go to the mission home for their going home interviews ---- they have a LARGE group so President is getting ahead on that. That's weird. People go home from the mission? This is the first time I have been with someone that goes home and luckily we have SO much work there is no time for them to be trunky. This transfer has been very very fast. But very good as well.

Well, that is about it. Thanks for all that you do! If you can, can you make most of my classes in the morning and before 2? I just focus way better on books and stuff in the morning. Thanks!

Love you all! Be good!

Elder Watson

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