Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Walking on Water

Well, I am going to start out with the usual phrase - It's cold. Like... I crossed the pond next to my house.... Like literally walking on water. That was a fun experience. The wind was pushing me and it was rather hard to walk. But it saved like .... 2 minutes? If that's worth it, haha.

Well, this week flew by. I was reading dad's journal entry and I realized that my journal writing is lacking.... ALOT. Gotta make that change. We had Zone Conference on Thursday by Skype. That was fun. We learned alot about having a prayer in our hearts as we are teaching and working, asking for Charity. For me it's pretty difficult to think of two things at the exact same time, but it does help you to feel the Spirit.  We also learned some great stuff. I can't wait to go over my notes with you to show you EVERYTHING that I am learning. It is so amazing.

We found a couple this week! The girlfriend is a former investigator and already had all the lessons! :D The boyfriend is amazing! Soooooo cool! :D They just have to get married and ya stá (That's it?) We've got to teach him everything, but he didn't even freak out about the law of chastity or anything. He just accepts it. The Lord is really preparing people to hear the Gospel --It's just our job to find them and teach them (it's actually part of the members´ job to help find them, but more on that later). We also have another couple that have almost completed their divorces and can get baptized in September (that may seem like a long time but they've been going to church for a year). They are really excited and so are we. :D

Well, that's about it for now. We are getting a better relationship with our branch - so that's good. And that's about it for now. Love you all. Talk to you next week!

Elder Watson #2

Elder Michael C. Watson
Misión Argentina Buenos Aires Norte
La Mejor en el Mundo y Lo sabes!

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