Monday, June 27, 2011

Schools Out!?!


So basically Mom's description of her week reminded me of my last week of high school. I am SO GLAD I NEVER have to go through that again. Senioritis is horrible. Wow... Jonathon Freeman is giving talks and playing the piano? When I get home he's going to be taller than me! That's just weird. But that's all right - because I am never coming home! :D

So this week was very interesting. The best part was that... we had a baptism! :D Everything just worked out perfectly (which was weird. VERY weird.) The only bad thing that happened is that neither of us had our cameras (my batteries were dead) so there are no pictures. But comparatively, that is something really minor that can happen.

 Also, we talked with President this morning and he told us that Elder Simper is going to stay with me - SWEETNESS! That's basically awesome if you can't tell. He's a very good elder and we're going to have a lot of success and fun. :D Which means one of two things. He either leaves next transfer or I will stay here until like... September/October. I hope the second option. This area is so amazing. One of the reasons is the Vera Family. They are just amazing! Oh, Mom! She studied a bit to become an English teacher and can totally read and write in English. So you can talk to her! This is the family that is going to get sealed in a temple in a year. Without a doubt. They are awesome! They are my second family here! We are having a “war” right now. You remember what we did with Uncle Chris with ALL that candy inside of our car and then we did it back to him... Yea. So they gave us "Cascarilla" or the shells of cocoa beans. You put that in a coffee maker and it makes something like hot chocolate but less sweet and less thick. It is basically amazing. Anyways, they gave us a Tupperware filled with Cascarilla and so we hide it in their car (when they give us rides home basically every night from San Benito), in their house.... It's a ton of fun! :D

Something funny that happened. You know how EVERYBODY who has been to Argentina says that there are a ton of dogs? Well, proof of that would be the dog in our sacrament meeting. Somehow it got in right before the meeting started and we had to take it out. That was weird, but funny. Oh yea. As well, you remember when I struggled to give a 10 minute talk. Yesterday I gave a talk and it could have easily gone for 30 minutes. There's just not enough time. And teaching lessons are better. There's interaction and you are not listening to Elder Watson blab and blab about missionary work. I choose a talk in the Feburary 2005 Liahona as my theme; Seven Lessons on how to Share the Gospel by Elder Clayton Christiansen. That was cool. But I guess I need to say the most important things. Anyways, talks at home are gonna be fun! :D

So yea. Seis de Abril is amazing! We have three investigators that we are teaching that can be baptized in July. Two of them on the 16th and we are going to see if the other one can be baptized on the 8th (The 9th is a branch activity.) but we'll see. That's about it. I am doing good. It's not actually THAT cold. Just a bit. Love you all. Be good. I hope to hear from you. That's if we get our mail. Awesome Volcano. Anyways, take the good with the bad.

Say HOLA to everyone, Los Johnson, Jones, Jelaty, Watson (Pres y his wife), the WARD, and the Family... Basically EVERYONE!


Elder Watson #2

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