Monday, June 6, 2011

Hospitals, Transfers, Training...

Hey all!

No news is good news right? Haha. Don't worry about being boring. It's the best way to be! :D Now my week was not boring at all.......

So what a week.....

We started out going to the hospital........................................................................................................

Don't get worried, not for me. Elder Berríos had been having severe headaches, dizziness, etc. We went to the hospital Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for various tests, appointments, checkups, etc. Let's just say I relearned my love for the hospital. Go over here, go over there, go upstairs, no the other window. Fun! Lol. Anyways, it got all figured out by Friday, but President was worried enough that he was going to send E' Berríos north to be closer to better hospitals. Thursday night we received a call that E´ Berríos was going North. As he was already starting to feel better, he was able to get another day and that solved the problem. Now he's fine and healthy. But meanwhile President had already arraigned for a new missionary to come in his place. And when I say new... I mean N. E. W. Like I am now a trainer. Anyways, we walked around in 3 for a while and took advantage of the situation and did lots of divisions. Which helped us to cover all the days we missed. In fact, we had a most excellent week according to the results of the week. Which is fine with me. It was a spectacular weekend. 

So Elder Berríos is now replacing an Elder in our zone due to emergency transfers and I am here with Elder Girado. (Hee-ra-do)  My new companion. I did take pictures... but I brought the wrong memory card! Figures, right? Well, next week there will be pictures. Anyways, he's from Lima, Peru. He's super super super super super excited to go to work. Oh yea. Did I say super excited! It's amazingly awesome. AND! He likes to be clean and organized. :D :D :D :D :D That makes my life SO much easier! :D

We are working with various families right now. The work is going well and I am having fun. I get to have more fun now that I am training! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

So everything is beginning to freeze over. It's crazy! But it's not snowing.... Only ice! Igual, (Still) it's not fair that there is cold w/o snow. Actually, as a missionary... I wouldn't mind if it only got cold. The snow would be different to work in. But hey. I am here for whatever. 

Well, that's the weekly report from Rio Gallegos (Ga - Shay - gos for all those who tend to say it wrong ---> Ga - yea - gos JUST SO YOU KNOW!) Nothing new. But the newbie right next to me. Ha. That's a good one. Just wait until I come back.... I have been learning some great jokes. That can be said in English. And some better ones in Spanish. And for all those who don't appreciate my punny jokes. Well. Sorry. LOL. I've got to spread the love, you know?

So you've been losing weight? That's great! Just don't buy steak unless it is high grade. Less calories that way. Sweetness! You're going to have to send some pictures so I can see the difference! :D

So. Yea. That's me and my life. Short and sweet and to the point. Love you all, close and far. Be good, stay safe. Keep going forward with steadfast and unbreakable faith in Christ and his Atonement. Never get discouraged. And when you are tired, think about Christ and his sufferings and know that He suffered for you. He already suffered your grief’s and pains and sicknesses. All He asks is that we keep the commandments. And if we keep the commandments, He blesses us. We are in debt to Him. However, because He loves us so much, He has marked the path we must tread. We must bear our crosses for a short moment and then shall we be made strong. I really do love you, distance really does make love stronger. I've never had so great of an appreciation of my family until now. Don't get into too much trouble with the garden Mom! ;) And Dad, I've got a whole bunch of sweets to bring from Argentina! THEY ARE SO GOOD! :D Just you wait.

With lots of love,

Elder Watson #2

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