Monday, May 16, 2011

MAWWIAGE! A Busy Week!

Hello Family,

Well, this week was fun! Busy? Tell me about it!

Satan was working hard to stop this baptism - but in the end good triumphed over evil and now the best family ever are members of the Church of Jesus Christ! They were so excited to be baptized! I had the pleasure to baptize them all - what an experience! But first they had to get married! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAWWIAGE! I was nervous for them! We got there about 20 minutes early and no one was there ------- Talk about nerves... so we went to the Ría and took some pictures of the sunrise and soon after the Vera Family shows up. We ALL (The Vera and Saravia families with the Missionaries and a counselor from the branch) go into the registro civil (civil register?) and start waiting inside the room for everything to start. I think I was as nervous as Matías was while we were waiting for the civil rep... But in the end she showed up, started the process, the cameras began flashing and the process was underway. Everybody signed the books and at the end they became Cintia and Matias Vera! OH YEA! I was sooooooooo happy! :D I guess it'll make up for missing the wedding of Katy Scarlett - I thought I was going to escape all my mission without hearing about a wedding... oh well. I got to attend one so hah!

The baptism went without a hitch and it was great. Rio Gallegos cut their water supply to clean out the tanks or something - at what time? Saturday in the morning... A baptism would be really hard without water... So finding this out Friday, we filled it up half way so that the tanks would be full Saturday to fill it with hot water. The water wasn't freezing cold... just a little bit. Saturday came and we filled up the font without any problems and the baptism was amazingly awesome - I was super super super super happy! :D The next day came the confirmations and various people performed the ordinances and it was great. Now - The Vera Family are members and are amazingly awesome. Today or next week we are going to go around Rio Gallegos and see all the "hot spots." This family is just too cool. If I ever leave this area I will miss them A TON! They're just too awesome! I promised to come back for their sealing next year - A promise I will go to all ends to keep. We not only baptized four people, but a family. A family that has a goal to be eternal. This family not only sets goals, but also works to complete these goals. They are truly trying to serve and follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They are awesomely awesome. Wait... did I say they were awesome? Yea. That awesome! :D

Well, that was the highlight of the week- Christian is getting ready for his baptism on Saturday. He stopped smoking on Saturday in the morning so we are happy! He went from smoking 60 cigarettes in a day to 1 in a period of 2 weeks. Who says miracles don't exist? I thus cite Moroni 7:37 - He aquí os digo que no; (And behold I say unto you that no;)  porque es por la fe que se obran milagros; (because by faith are miracles performed). Miracles do happen! When we put our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and give up our will to do HIS will, all things can and will happen - according to the plan of the Great Creator. We don't choose what happens, we only choose what we will do to show our faith and obedience to the commandments of God. So remember - put your trust in Him and all things will work for your good - Ether 12:6, 1 Nephi 3:7, 1 Nephi 17:3. We will never have a trial that we cannot overcome. I leave this with you knowing the God lives and loves us. He sent His Only Begotten Son in the flesh to save us and by obedience to the Savior Jesus Christ we will be worthy to enter into the Kingdom of God. May we choose to do so in humility, surrendering our will to the Father's and leave this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

With lots of love,

Elder M Watson

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