Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I DID NOT Forget you!

Hello Family,

So today I am writing because yesterday we had INTERVIEWS! That means that President Gulbrandsen came down with his wife and an assistant to teach us and interview us. It was like a zone conference, but a lot shorter, kind of. It was really good and even though I talked to President Gulbrandsen for like only 5 minutes... I feel a lot better and more determined to do the work!

JACOB GOT A CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! :D :D :D Like yea! :D Bryan is almost on the mission! Wow.... I am old. :(

So this week was another hectic week. It seems the weeks of baptisms are always hectic- but if it means we are bringing another soul unto Christ, it's a good thing! :D Nothing too big happened during the week - we taught, found some investigators and in short ... another missionary week. On Saturday we did splits for the baptismal interview and I went with Elder Simper to do service. Mind you.... Saturday morning was COLD! WITH A CAPITAL C !!!!!!  Like.... I thought my hands were going to fall off as we were carrying things. What I wouldn't have given for my work gloves from the ranch! Everything was iced over and yea......... toooooooooooo cold! Today it rained a bit and now the sun came out so it's a nice day to do things! :D

Saturday we also had a baptism! Cristian was really excited and we were too. Although he can't see well enough to read the Book of Mormon, he has enough faith to know that it is true. We've read parts to him and he's asked God and he got his answer. Like what Elder Watson #1 said - if we have faith in God that he will answer our prayer, he will do so. The thing is that you have to believe.

Sunday was a good day. We had 86 people in church and it was amazing. The amazing part was that the 7 converts that I've had here were all at church. (One of my converts moved to the Buenos Aires Mission West... their home teacher is a 70's brother so I think they are good! :D) One was confirmed, 3 received callings and 1 received the priesthood. How big of a smile did I have on my face? You don't even know! We are probably going to have another baptism this week ---- all depends if he has to work. He basically knows it's all true, we just have to tie the loose ends. So yea. We are really working hard to find and teach and to baptize. This trick is working with the members. The faster members are involved, the more comfortable investigators are, the spirit is much more stronger, and everything is just better. The ideal situation would be that we help the members with the work, but right now we are just focusing on having them help us. But that's the next step!

Well, that's all I have to say for now. Things are going great and I guess I am getting the hang of being a missionary - the thing is that we should always be a little uncomfortable, always looking for ways of doing things better and looking to bring all unto Christ. That is, after all, my calling - I've left my nets and my boat and I am feeding the sheep.  Hope all is well and BE GOOD!


Elder M. Watson

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