Monday, April 18, 2011


Elder Berrios & Elder Watson
Mis Queridos,

Well, this week was insane but well worth it. During the week Elder Berríos had an INGROWN toenail taken out. That was fun. A doctor came to a member's house and did it while E' Berríos was sitting on the couch. That was fun to watch... probably not fun to feel. But yea. That meant a day of rest the next day. Talk about sitting in the house all day. Torture for a missionary! That's for sure.

Thursday we got a lot done and Friday was zone conference with Elder Aidukaitis of the Seventy. A mission president, a seventy and 10 missionaries in the same room. Talk about privileged? Not only that, we are the ONLY zone to have him in our zone conference. It was amazing! We learned sooooooooooo much! From how to teach with power to the meaning of faith. He pretty much ripped on us a bit for being lazy and not working all out every minute to bring people to church, complete daily goals and to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. When we have a testimony of the Book of Mormon, we will be motivated to do ALL that it takes to complete with the Lord's desires for us. We need to develop that testimony now - He told us not to eat or sleep until we had obtained that testimony. That's how important it is. Saturday we worked hard for everybody and anybody to come to the district conference. Why?
Elder Aidukaitis spent half of his talk DIRECTED at the people visiting. We had 8 investigators there (1 family and 2 couples) and it was absolutely AMAZING. Elder Aidukaitis is not an ordinary man. He is filled with faith and inspired of God. He not only believes but does. That's how we should be. It's good that we believe, but the devil and all of his followers believe as well (James 2:19). What's the difference between them and us? We read in the verses before that our faith is shown by works and if "Faith hath not works, it is dead." The difference is our works. The devils believe and work for our destruction. We need to believe and WORK for our good. It is not good enough to only believe. True belief comes with actions. How do we work for good? Following the teachings and Gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement, Repentance, Baptism by immersion for the repentance of sins, Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the end. We build our faith by reading the scriptures, praying, serving others, doing good unto all men, living the commandments (John 7:17). We repent by changing - now? There is no reason to wait. The Second Coming is rapidly approaching. Are you ready if it came today? What do you need to do to be ready? Take a minute to think about it. I invite you to do to do what came to mind - it is inspired of God. Do everything within your power NOW to be ready! Why do I keep talking about baptism? It is the key to the Celestial Kingdom and can only be done with the proper authority. Just like I can't go to the freeway to pull over a speeding car, a man cannot baptize without having receive the proper authority. Sure I am a good guy trying to do what is right. But it is not enough. This power and authority was lost after the resurrection of Christ and the death of His apostles. Lost means cannot be found. The authority of God did not exist for centuries. Why are there so many churches? Because they do not have the guidance of a prophet, chosen of God having received His authority. This dark time ended in the year 1820 when a young boy, Joseph Smith humbly asked God which church he should join. The divine answer that he received let him know that the Church of Christ did not exist. He, Joseph Smith, received this power and authority and was "called of God, as was Aaron" (Hebrews 5:4). How was Aaron ordained? By someone who held the authority. Joseph received his authority from John the Baptist, Peter, James and John now resurrected beings. Why is this important? The power to baptize had been restored! The power to seal the family for time and eternity was restored. Why is this important. The way was made open again to return to the Kingdom of God. How can you know if this is true? There is a Book, the Book of Mormon - translated in 3 months by a poor farm boy. "No bad man could have written this book and no good man would write it." - Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. There is a promise that is within its pages. You can read it, ponder its teachings and ask God in the name of Christ if it is true! You don't need to believe me. Believe God. I beg you, if you have not read this book. Read it. Consider its teachings. Then ask humbly in prayer if it is true. I promise you that you will receive an answer if you are willing to follow whatever God says; what God commands us to do is never unrighteous or wrong. Put your trust in Him. And if you have done this, do it again! You will gain a testimony or the existing will grow. It's a promise from God and I authorize it as a representative of His Holy Son, Jesus Christ.

Well, I gotta go. Love you all and hope all is well. The Vera Family is taking out a date to be married for the 6th of May and with be baptized the 7th of May! How exciting? The work is progressing here in Seis de Abril. It only requires effort and divine guidance. Be safe and good.


Elder Michael Charles Watson.

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