Monday, December 20, 2010

The Week Before Christmas

Elder Cranford & Watson & Christmas Tree

This week was really good but went by really fast. We had the two confirmations from our two baptisms of Lucas and Wanda from the previous weeks. We also had a Christmas conference that was awesome. It was a lift that I really needed. As well I received some mail and a couple packages from Michelle. I got letters from Jessica Jelaty, Paul Gonzales, and Michelle. Looks like I have a bit of writing to do. Could you send a short note to Spencer Brown wishing him Merry Christmas and Good Luck in the MTC! I wasn’t able to send a letter…

Well, I gotta go. We are working hard to apply what our inspired leaders have taught us and how the Lord would have us do His work. Thanks for all the help that I receive from you. Every bit is appreciated. Have a great Christmas and as a gift for Christ I would ask that we could all recommit ourselves to live the commandments and do the things He would do if He were in our place. May God Bless you all.

With tons of Love,

Elder Michael C. Watson

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