Monday, December 13, 2010

12 Days Until Christmas

Hi All,

There are only 12 more days until Christmas? Crazy!

Well, this week hasn’t been the most exciting but here it goes.

On Tuesday we did divisions with our district leader and I went to Saavio. I was with Elder Caon from Santa Fe, a province here in Argentina... Like 30 minutes from the borders of the mission. So we spent the day going by their investigators and teaching. We taught Alma 47 to their investigator couple that got married on Friday and baptized on Saturday. That was a really good lesson to never give in to the temptations of Satan even when it doesn’t appear harmful or that we will have power and control over the situation.

Wednesday - We had a teaching appointment with Susana, Byron and family, but as being feriado (or holiday) Susana took the kids to her mother’s house and Byron was home alone. I let them borrow my transformer and some adapters so that they can plug in their TV and we can watch the restoration together. But as Byron was only there, we let him borrow the things and continued with our plans.  And we did splits again, but with members. I went with Hermano Gomez, Elder Cranford with another member. We went to a teaching appointment and taught the restoration to a couple and committed them to read, meditate and pray about the Book of Mormon and go to church. We called them on Saturday night but they are really busy now and can’t set up an appointment or tell us for sure when we can pass by. Hm...... Interesante....

Thursday - Planning! It’s always fun to plan out the week, who we are going to teach and how we can help to be baptized. However, every week seems to be faster and every day shorter... What’s going on? I am confused. We are so busy and have a ton of people to go by so I think that might be one reason. We had Lucas’s baptismal interview and everything went fine.

Friday - We met with Susana and Byron and their family to watch the restoration to only find out the transformer to convert the energy didn’t work for their TV. It says max 1600 watts and the TV 155 but that didn’t stop their TV from smoking. Like literally. There were billows of smoke issuing from the TV. We took apart the TV and found a mini breaker had popped so their TV still might be saved. If not... Well. I feel really bad then. Susana had to leave for work and we shared a couple things with Byron and his oldest daughter Micaela.

Saturday - We did service this morning for a family and then ate lunch with them. Afterwards we spent running around trying to get everything together for our two baptisms on Sunday, Lucas y Lautaro. We also taught a couple, Silvio y Alejandra, for the second time. The first was right before I got here to Tortuguitas. Lots of canceling and missing appointments but por fin! we got to teach them. It was a good lesson.

Sunday - Hectic day. We had the baptism for Lucas Perez which was awesome, but Lautaro didn’t show up to Church. We left during the second hour to go to his house and bring him for his baptism but he wasn’t there because his Grandma took him to another church in another city (who is a member by the way-inactive but still, a member). It appears that we will have a bit more work to get Lautaro in the water. He’s ready to be baptized but I guess his family isn’t... Well, that was the week. A ton of walking and some good results. This week was really a trial of faith as we had to do a ton of stuff and watched a lot of things fall through or didn’t happen. But I will stay strong and have faith all will be well. Like it says in Santiago 1:6 that we have to be steady and firm in our faith and not be tossed and turned as if we were in a stormy sea. That foundation we can build on is Jesus Christ - our Savior and Redeemer. Only by his grace can we be saved. And we can only attain his grace through the principles and ordinances of the Restored Gospel and the authority of the Holy Priesthood that has been given to men once more to establish the Kingdom of God and bring all of God’s children back to His presence once more. It will not be easy. It wasn’t easy for Christ who paid for every single living being’s sins, pains, and sicknesses and neither will it be easy for us. We have to give all that we got to attain eternal life. Like the saying goes, I never said it would be easy. I only said it would be worth it.

Well, I gotta go. The siesta is starting. Love you all. Be good. See ya!


Elder Michael Watson

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