Monday, March 15, 2010

Update 3/15/2010 - Cyber Cafes, Queen and Counterstrike?????

 Hi Mom and Dad!!

I am writing in a cyber cafe and just heard Queen playing.... And the kids next to me are playing counterstrike.  Just thought that was funny.

The language isn't too daunting; it's trying to understand the people that is the hard part.  I can only catch the themes to conversations. But, I am learning so much and am so happy to be here!  The humidity isn't so bad. I am adjusting and everything is great!

So there is a lot more English here than what I thought. I’ve already heard 3 songs from the US and there are a lot of English T-Shirts down here. It's really crazy!

We are teaching a lot here in Villa Adelina. We are in San Isidro (or close to) if you want to find it. Oh, by the way we are supposed to triple the baptisms from 1000 to 3000... I misinterpreted the figures... It's really hard to be the one left out on conversations. I kinda know what's going on but not really. I really just have to rely on the Spirit on what to say and when I do, I make sense and am a great contribution to the lesson. (Or so my companion tells me.) Every day I am speaking more and giving more of the lesson.

My companion is the district leader so we have to travel around a lot. It´s alright though, I get to see more of Argentina. We are still teaching a lot and having a lot of success.  I love being a missionary! It's great when you can see people's faces light up because of the gospel!

We are going to the Capital for zone conference tomorrow and that is where I will receive all of my mail. We get our mail every six weeks so I will probably have a handful (Hopefully LOL).  I will be getting mail again in 6 weeks so that´s probably when you want me to get my packages. Just letting you know. On Wednesday morning I am going to the Capital again to fill out some papers so I can be legal here.

Well, that's all I can think of right now.  I love you and thank you for all you do!

Con Amor,

Elder Michael Watson

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