Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Boulogne, Not Villa Adelina


It´s good to hear from you and see you! [We sent them a picture by email] I don´t think pictures are against the rules because my trainer receives them from his family. I don´t have a picture of just me and my companion but I do have one of us with a couple we baptized. Next week I will get one for you guys.

The modern things are very hard to deal with. I just have to focus on what is being said and trying to understand. Sometimes I have a hard time when I have no clue what is going on.... But it´s getting better! :D

So to answer your questions:

I am getting the chance to play the piano more than I thought I would. I play every once and a while when we are at the building and I played for the baptismal service we had. One-handed, but hey, I was able to do it. :D

Honestly, I don´t know how many members are in our branch. Yesterday was stake conference and the week before we had about 70 people I would guess.

The church building has an all tile floor. It´s shaped kind of like D--! with rooms off of the exclamation mark. The d is the chapel and we set up metal chairs for church. The stake center looked more like a ward building.

My area is kinda like Santa Paula I would guess, just a bit bigger.  There are a lot of businesses.  There are lots of trees. FLAT! I can´t tell north from south from east to west when the sun is high in the sky. It´s crazy, but I´ll figure it out. :)

I am sleeping pretty well. If there weren´t so many mosquito bites on me it would be better but that is only a slight problem… Nothing more. The best food...Hmmm... Well, mostly I have had a lot of fried carne asada or steak... But I did have some spaghetti that was good… Not AMAZING like yours [moms], but it was good. My companion didn´t like it. OH! He looked at me so weird when I had some peaches after the spaghetti and then had some more spaghetti.

I was laughing. It´s normal for me but so weird for him. For breakfast I usually have cereal or oatmeal with an apple or banana and lunch I have some kinda steak or pasta. More steak than pasta.  I haven´t had any weird food yet.

My apartment is one of the nicer ones from what I´ve gathered. It´s in a smaller building kinda like the building the missionaries used to live in across from the High School. All the houses here have gates in front of them. Well, almost all. So instead of one key to get to our apt, we need two. We also have 4 elders in our apt, the district leader and his companion. I haven´t really seen the neighbors... They aren´t around when we are.  Oh yeah, I live on the outskirts of Boulgne (I am not sure how to spell it), Not Villa Adelina... We have a part of Boulgne in our area.

The office is a half hour bus ride and a 10 min train ride away. There are 8 in my district. They are from Chile, Peru, Utah and Washington, I think, not sure. I haven´t been able to talk to them much.

On P-Day we go to the bank, send letters, e-mail, shop for food, go back to the apartment and cook a good meal, and clean. The service we do is clean the church once a month and whatever we can find. The only other service I have had was we helped move a family.

We have about 7 investigators that we visit. We are trying to see more people so we need to make our visits shorter.

Well I still have to write my letter to the president so I have to go. Love you and I hope all is well!

Con Amor,

Elder [Michael] Watson

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