Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hey There

Hi Family,

Well, I don't have that much time today. I feel like I say that every week.... Today we played soccer with our district so that was fun. I played barefoot on the concrete so we'll see how my feet come out! haha

This week was good. I went to Baradero again to help them out. We found a guy that's going through a tough time but was like a perfect investigator for the restoration. Wednesday we had Training with President and this Wednesday we'll have training again. Fun stuff! I also went to Campana on divisions as well. It was a good day. Both days I learned a lot... from the other elders and the situations we were in. Nothing bad, just different.

Well, I still have to write President. I'll try to write more next week. I am learning and growing every day. It's amazing! I hope all is well with you!

Elder Michael C. Watson
MisiĆ³n Argentina Buenos Aires Norte

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