Monday, August 22, 2011

Saludos del Sur

Hey all!

This week went by way too fast. Time just keeps getting faster. Sometimes I wonder if I even sleep. But hey, life keeps going if you are ready or not.

I really don't have that much to tell this week. We had 8 investigators in church! :D That was awesome. Things are a little complicated to put a baptismal date with them right now, but we are working on it. It's weird how things can be so close yet so far. I think I need to rely on a bit more on revelation. Only help from Heaven can get us around some things.

We got our mail this week. I got a letter from Cybill, Joanna, and Michelle. Actually a couple from the last. ;) Michelle sent me a small painting of Jerusalem that I put up on the wall by my study desk. I always feel a bit better after getting mail. It's kinda like a battery charger.

We are working hard to find more men and families to teach. Without finding new investigators, we are going to run out of people to teach. We talked with President today over the phone about the zone, how it’s doing and what's going on. I love talking to president. He is so inspired and helps us so much! I wish I could be as inspiring.

He talked to us a bit about faith. It never ceases to amaze me how many opportunities we have to show our faith. If I would realize and act on every opportunity that I receive daily to act and show my faith, there would be a lot more spiritual growth on my part.

Something cool that happened. We did exchanges and I went over to Chacra to work with Elder Lemo. The last appointment of the day was with a young man. Our goal for the appointment was to put a baptismal date with him. We get there and settle in and Elder Lemo asks the mom and grandma to share with us a scripture (because we do it all the time haha). They sat there looking or thinking, maybe both when an 8 year old girl that was recently baptized says, "I like 2 Nephi 31:13." I looked over at her and said, "You were inspired, let's go there." How could an 8 year old girl choose the perfect scripture about baptism? The Holy Ghost brought the scripture to the mind of the special daughter of our Heavenly Father so that this young man could receive the teaching he needed. With a couple of testimonies of baptisms, Elder Lemo commits this young man to baptism, which he accepted. Before when he heard the word baptism, he turned off. That day, the Spirit touched him and this Saturday he enters into the waters of baptism. Maybe we should pay more attention to the small impressions (or maybe start involving children in our spiritual experiences).

Anyways, I don't have much more to say. Hope you are all well. May the Spirit be with you. Always.


Elder Michael C. Watson
MisiĆ³n Argentina Buenos Aires Norte
La Mejor en el Mundo y Lo sabes!

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