Monday, November 1, 2010

White Rabbits!!

White rabbits! Haha. I may have actually done it today, but I don’t know. December I will do for sure! Haha.

Well, this week was interesting. Tuesday we had District meeting which is always great. This week we learned how to help our investigators to pray and learn the importance of it. There is a DVD that we use called The District. They just did the second part so we are watching every District Meeting one segment or two. It’s pretty awesome to watch other Elders teach with the Spirit. Also they are teaching in English... I don’t think I could do that. We are thinking of trying to teach a less active in English because she is learning it and teaches it, but we’ll see. It’s probably better we do it in Castellano (Spanish but South American version it’s not the same as Spanish as many people have told me) but it would be awesome to try!

Wednesday was the national Census. We had to stay inside until a census worker came by and asked us some questions. I was thinking that if they didn’t come until the afternoon I would die, but they came in the morning so it was fine. The thing was, that we could only go to citas fijas...uh fixed appointments... How do you say that in English? We couldn’t knock on doors or anything (which we never do... toooooooo busy) but that means we couldn’t go by people that we hadn’t been able to get a hold of. We were walking down the street and some women called us over and had a ton of questions. They are from the province of Fermosa and son Paraguayas... um from Paraguay. Anyways, they had tons of questions and one of them came to Church on Sunday so we will see how much they progress.

Thursday was planning and too much didn’t go on. Friday we had interviews with President Gulbrandsen and his wife... in our apartment. If we hadn’t received future notice and if we were lazy that would have been disastrous. But we received notice and we worked hard to clean up after the missionaries who were before us (it looks like that had a BBQ "asado" on the porch because there was a bunch of charcoal. and a bunch of broken stuff) so it went fine. We learned a lot of stuff and it was awesome the 10 or 15 minutes they were with us.

Saturday was our day to go by a TON of people and we actually were able to teach a lot. It was good. Sunday was Halloween. I was sad because I don’t have a black and orange tie so I could really celebrate it. Nothing really happened. In some places the local stores have treats for the kids, but other than that, it was just a normal Sunday night. There is this one less active family, the Gutierrez Family, and we are teaching them and all their family (a lot of success is found in part-member families!) and there are always a bunch of kids. They asked us how Halloween was in the States and so we told them a general scope of it. Maybe one day Argentina will do it like the States, but that’s a long way off.

That’s nice of mom to take Rice Krispies Treats over!  Rice Krispies treats don’t exist here... Mainly because marshmallows don’t. But the Gutierrez Family keeps asking us for some. Maybe if we go to one of the stores that sell American products we can find some. But we would have to search and travel a bit to find some.  What they need to start selling in the States are alfajores. They are awesome! I was talking with a member in Villa Adelina and he told me that they exist in Utah. So I will be looking when I get back! Haha. And the funny part is that there are a lot of American companies that make alfajores.

Well, that’s what happened this week. Well, some of the things. Really, there are just too many things that are go on. I hope that everyone is great and that all is well. I will be getting mail tomorrow in District meeting so that should be a lot of fun! And I have a couple packages so that makes it even better! Haha. Anyways, stay safe, keep studying the scriptures, praying and striving to keep the commandments. As you do so, the Lord will provide the ways (proveer los medios) so that you will be able to keep the commandments and follow the example of Jesus Christ. (1 Nephi 17:3) Well, until next week. Un beso y abrazo muy fuerte.

Él Amoroso Querido Watson - "Elemental, mi querido Watson" ---> Our foundation is Jesus Christ and his Gospel- Faith in Jesus Christ, Repentance, Baptism by the proper authority, receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost by the same authority, and Enduring until the end (building your faith, keep on repenting and going to church to renew your baptismal covenants and keeping the commandments)


Elder Michael Watson

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