Monday, November 8, 2010

Zanja (Zan-Ha) - Ech!

Well, this week has been way crazy. We’ve gone on splits twice and tons of other stuff has happened. I will try to remember todo.

First off. I know I can’t email on Thursday the 11th of November so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! HAHA! 21! Again! :D :D

I got my packages and letters! :D Super excited. Thanks to the Pitcher clan for all the goodies! I LOVE it! :D I also got my packages from the parents, the first one and the Christmas one. I put my stocking up in my closet with the stash that was inside. I won’t wear those until Christmas and my Birthday! :D And the ballot. I got it after Election Day so it is void. But, I still voted. And even though I had no idea who was who, I knew some people and made sure my vote counted for Fillmore. ha! Even though it doesn’t do anything. Bummer.

Alright the week. Tuesday I went with Elder Rodriguez on splits in Del Viso. He was the first missionary I saw in my area. Elder Garay and I were walking to the apartment and I saw Elder Rodriguez leaving to go down south. Now he’s back as my district leader. Too cool. And miracles always happen in splits. Always. We found a woman by asking for references and she was praying for someone or something to help her. Too awesome.

Thursday we had a baptism! My foot. In a water ditch. More like a zanja (Zan-Ha). The main difference is what is inside. In a water ditch you would expect to see water, no? Well, I guess you can call it water. Except it stinks really bad and there’s a lot of stuff inside the zanjas that really shouldn’t be there. Anyways, I was pulling out a mint and a little kid that was playing in the calle asked if he could have one. So I stepped over to give him one and didn’t see the zanja because there was grass covering it. Well, my foot, ankle and pants sunk into sludge. I pulled it out gave the kids their mints and left as they were laughing at me. It was pretty funny I admit. But when I am cleaning my shoes in the sink and black is everywhere... So not cool and they still stink. I might have to give them a better cleaning. I did use some liquid soap but I guess that didn’t work. Anyways, yea. Zanjas.

Friday was divisions again with Elder Ramirez from Chile. He’s brand new on the mission but way old. Like 25. He’s finished most of his medical school and is cool. The best part is that he likes Star Wars so we got a long. Hahahahahaha. But that was a good experience.

Sunday we brought 5 kids to church. One is a grandson of a less active woman and the other four live in the back house. The family in the back is literally de diez, 10 people that can be baptized. And 2 of them have already gone to church and liked it. Oh yea! This next transfer is going to be way awesome.

So the weather. When it gets really hot here in the spring (33 degrees Celsius - how much is that in Fahrenheit????) the following day or days it will rain. So today it rained. Even with the foul weather we went to San Fernando so that Elder Cranford could sign for some packages and I went with the companions who hadn’t received packages (pobrecitos nosotros... haha jk) and we went and got the best ice cream in Buenos Aires supposedly. I’d agree! :D Yum! hahaha! So it’s starting to warm up. And they say it’s nothing. This summer is going to be full of a lot of water drinking. For sure. But I like it more than cold! (I say that now)

Anyways, I am happy and the world is rolling and I gotta go. I love you all. Smiles aren’t enough. Keep it on!

Con Mucho Mucho Mucho Amor,
Elder Michael C. Watson
Vamos Vamos Argentina
Vamos Vamos a Ganar

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