Thursday, January 14, 2010

Elder Watson's First Letter Home (Paper - typed up by Dad)

Mike's first letter home was a paper letter written on January 9, 2009.  He had some free time so he penned out a letter home.  I have typed it up so that we could share his news.  Here it is:

Dear Mom & Dad,

Wow.  The MTC is like no other place.  There is so much work to do!  This is my first actual free time all week.  I have put all of my effort into studying.  It seems like I don’t have enough time for everything my teachers assign.  The Elders that have been here awhile say that it will be like this for the first two weeks and then we will have more time to study.

It’s so weird that I am already thinking in Spanish.  I was writing down notes today and I was trying to find an English equivalent to the phrase I was thinking of.  My Teacher, Hermano Williams, Has committed himself to speak only Spanish for all 9 weeks (except for the first day).  I never knew how much I could already comprehend Spanish.  The Spirit has helped me so much with understanding the language and speaking it.

I think I am beginning to understand how the Spirit affects me.  I feel really “full” I guess.  Like every part of my body is warm, I guess?  Hard to explain.  I can also tell when it leaves.  I am trying to listen for guidance and teaching, but I guess that comes with time.  I am trying really hard to keep my thoughts clean so that I can have the Spirit to be with me always.  The MTC is a lot like BYU.  You have the goof-offs, those who have fun, the serious ones and the plain-out spiritual guys.  There are three other missionaries in my room.  My companion is very awesome.  His name is Elder Dallin Gillette from Gilbert, Arizona.  He is cousins with Conner Gillette who is friends with Alexis.  Very Weird.  He plays soccer and baseball and is very athletic.  During gym time he plays volleyball and he is pretty good at it.  He is also assigned to be our District Leader.  Being his companion means I am probably going to have some waiting around time BUT… I also get to have first dibs on the mail! ?!  The other two guys are, (I mean Elders.  We are supposed to refer to people by their titles) Elder Moore and Elder Everett.  Elder Moore is from South Carolina.  He has a slight accent and is very hilarious.  His is 5’6”, or around there, built and very strong.  Elder Moore has a non-member girlfriend back home and he tapes daily records to her telling about his day.  We make side comments here and there to be funny and hopefully that will brighten his tapes a bit.  Elder Everett is (Elder Everett says Hello! LOL) is from Bountiful, Utah.  He plays Hockey and is very nice.  I am blessed to have the three best companions!  I am very sad though because they are all going to Resestencia Argentina and not to my mission.  Their mission is the one in between David’s and mine.

Oh!  Elder Gillette has a twin brother who is in David’s district!  Kinda crazy that we both have twin brothers and they are in the same district!

I am glad to hear you guys made it home safely.  I hope all is well and that you both are keeping busy.  My P-Day is Thursday and I will write more in my letter.

Until then, Love!

Elder Michael C. Watson

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