Thursday, January 28, 2010

Como Les Van?

Hola! :D

First things first, I do have my card. I will send back the other one with my memory card. I am thinking of putting little descriptions on each one, but that is A LOT of work... The video I am sending home is a Zone 50 tradition of singing “God Be with You Till We Meet Again” (in Spanish) whenever a district leaves. That's the only video I have on there.

Mom, that is so awesome that you are teaching history! That is so awesome! Thank you for not giving people my email address. I hardly have enough time emailing you! Dear Elders are great though! (Hand written is better but DE's are free...)

Dad, in the end of Preach My Gospel (PMG) Chapter 1 is a bunch of quotes from General Authorities about missionary work. I don't know if it’s appropriate, but could you put them up on the wall at the ward building? They are so amazing and I wish every member could/would read them! I also have some other things in the mix in my mind to help out with the work, but I will talk to you about them when they are spot on. I hope everything is well with you!

I can't say it enough! The MTC is so awesome! It gets better every day! Although we do the same stuff from week to week, I get more from each study and each activity I do every time! :D

One thing I have learned up here is how to set specific, meaningful goals. I am still not perfect at it, but it has helped me so much! In chapter 8 of PMG President Monson says, "When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates." I have only been here for 22 days, but I have already seen how true that quote is! Also Coach Wilbur and the Free Throw chart during HS Basketball has helped me see this quote really works.

So I have been singing in the MTC choir lately. We sing twice a week, once on Sunday to learn a song and twice on Tuesday, once to perfect the song and once to perform. This week we sung "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" and it was amazing! The director pointed out that every time we, as members and missionaries, sing this song, it is our (or can be) our testimony of the next best thing to have happened since the Life and Atonement of Jesus Christ. Oh, and I get to sit next to Elder Watson and Elder Raymond, so that's a plus! :D How sweet is that?

Yesterday my district watched a talk by Elder Holland given to just the MTC in 2000. The video doesn't exist outside the MTC so I took a LOT of notes! It was absolutely amazing! I know now why Elder Holland is so passionate about the Gospel and about Missionary Work. I hope if he ever stops by Argentina and sees my work he will be proud of it! It will take everything I have, but that's what I am supposed to be doing, right? One thing that he said really touched me. "Salvation is not a cheap experience. Salvation was not cheap (or easy) for Christ" and neither will it be for us. (I don't remember how he said the last part so I took it out of quotes.) As we are the Saints of God, we must suffer a SLIGHT portion of what Christ suffered. If we didn't, can we call ourselves disciples of Him? We have to give everything we have to do the will of God and suffer with Christ to earn that eternal reward of living with God again. When we do the will of God, we are not giving up our agency. Rather, we are CHOOSING to follow God and his commandments. Life is so much happier and joyful if we are obedient! Exact Obedience to the commandments will bring peace, joy, and happiness. It has for me and it can for you too. Elder Holland emphasized the five steps of the Gospel, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His atonement, repentance, baptism for the remission of sins (by the proper authority), receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. As long as we do and have these things faithfully, we are pretty well off. Everything is based off of these five steps and as we follow the Servants' of the Lord counsel for us, we can return to live with God.

Well, I hope everything is well! If I don't answer anyone's letter, it means I didn't have enough time. I would really like to be able to answer everyone, but there just isn't enough time on P-Day to do it. I will get back to everyone ASAP, however. This I promise. Anyways, gotta go. Love you all!

Elder Michael C. Watson

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