Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I am still in Villa Adelina!!!!

¿Cómo estan?

Estoy muy feliz. Anoche encontré que voy a quedarme acá en Villa Adelina! Amo esta rama y area! No tengo mucho tiempo porque estaba enviando muchos fotos y charlando con Dad. Promete que voy a enviar un email muy grande la proxima.

He recibido cartas de Spencer, Gianluca, Tara, Elder Ian Ray y Michelle. Muchas gracias para me escibieron!!!

Gracias por todo!

[I pieced together our chat to compose this letter]

I received my package (Envelope) and other letters!  We had zone conference on the Saturday before transfers!! We are going to have Zone Conferences every 3 months now, not every transfer so it won’t be until September or October until I get to check for mail again. We are still unsure whether we are going to get mail every 6 weeks or so because we need to order books of Mormon and other materials periodically... So that might change... But right now, that’s how it is.  But I am not too worried. I don’t live from transfer to transfer off of mail so I will be just fine. :D  But that doesn’t matter! I am still in VILLA ADELINA!

I have had to go to "capítal" a lot recently because my compañero has back problems and had an endoscopy a couple weeks ago.  My companion isn’t familiar with La Rural Convention & Exhibition Centre on Av. Sarmiento 2704 so it probably isn’t in our mission... [this is where the 2010 Hemophilia World Congress is being held this year, this week and a couple of my doctors are there and said they would keep an eye out for Mike].  He was in Capítal for a while and knows it pretty well as well as in the offices... Anyways, that is way cool!

That is a nice picture of you on the couch with the casts on your legs!  You are using my glass to drink water by the way!!! ;) How are you?

I received my DNI which is my official ID for here in Argentina.  It is like a mini passport. It has pages for changes of address and voting and things like that. It also has the date I entered into the Country, I am here only temporarily and from the United States.  Oh yeah. It has a spot to show if I get married here… I think that page will stay blank though! It also has my fingerprint. 

Oh well. We will see. [I don’t think this last comment was regarding his DNI but rather the doctors that will be watching for him… I think].

As we were going to Zone Conference on Saturday, in Belgrano in "Capítal", a group of Americans got on the subway and were talking in English. It was so weird… It was like I was listening to an alien language.  I can understand the Elders alright, but grown-ups talking English is so weird now…

The picture of the apartment is down the street from our “casita.”  I will take a picture of our "casita" today and send it to you next week. We moved from my first apartment and are in a different part of the area now.  The silver van is just a car, it is on the same street (across the street) from the apartment building picture.

The pictures of the plastic bags in the trees are the NICE garbage cans… That is how we take out the trash…

I also sent a picture of some vegetables were 50 cents at a local verderduría.

Did David find a way to make his teeth white again because mine are starting to go clear as well… I’ve been taking a bunch of calcium this week but there really hasn’t been any improvement. There is a Dentist in capítal but I will have to pay my own way to go to him. Were you able to find a solution?

Con mucho amor,

Elder Watson

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